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The State of Employee Engagement in 2019

Although employee engagement is not a new buzzword, there is still a stark contrast across the professional landscape in terms of the concept's strategies and their (potential) success. In this article, we will revisit the key points of employee engagement and provide an overview of both the latest and tried and tested tools that can help organizations nurture engaged and motivated employees. 

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Top 5 Alternatives for Google+ in Internal Communication

If you’re reading these lines, chances are that you’re probably aware of the fact that Google+ has officially drawn the curtain on its 8-year existence on April 2, 2019. Despite Google’s strongest efforts, the platform never gained enough of a foothold in the social network arena, but it did find a more welcoming audience in the entrepreneurial realm which is why many organizations are now left scrambling for a suitable alternative.

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Here Are 5 Essential Ingredients for an Organized and Productive Remote Team

Remote work is the new normal in the present-day workplace and, over time, it has become essential to the success of many businesses. Yet, due to the lack of physical proximity of shared workspace, remote work poses a number of unique challenges not present in the traditional workplace. While contemporary businesses have embraced remote work en mass, they were and remain required to address their specific requirements.  This is why the key to a successful remote team lies in understanding what’s different and what needs to be done about it.

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